Ashley + Will // Normal, IL Engagement

World, meet the most joyful couple in all the land. 

...But seriously.

Ashely & Will made me laugh and each other laugh the whole time. Their love is so sweet and so evident. I dare you to scroll through these images and not smile :) **make sure you get all the way to the bottom if you want to see some magical photos**

Here are a few words from Ashley telling about her and Will's love story...

"So, I met this guy ... he had long Matthew McConaughey hair, a charming smirk, and was goofy as all get out...and I was kind of digging it.

The early days of our relationship were based on fun, attraction and the simple idea that "this makes me happy." 

Will and I were content with our way of life, but then the unexpected arrival of our sweet daughter ROCKED our world. We were in awe that God would bless us with this precious gift, despite of our lack of respect for His plan for marriage. God's grace drew us back to Him and to HIS design for love and marriage. His way calls us to holiness, not just happiness.  It is based on selflessness and grace, not merely enjoying each other.

With the arrival of our daughter, our paradigm for love and marriage shifted toward God and toward each other. Now our relationship is centered on the Lord and His will. If I have learned one thing on our journey, it is that God's way is the BEST way. His design for sacrificial, holy love is just beautiful and far more fulfilling than the cheaper alternative of "this makes me happy."

I am beyond  thankful for this amazing man that pursues our Redeemer and who loves me like God loves. I am just blissfully, profoundly in love with the most sweet, wild, patient, generous, kind, and goofy man.  Our love for each other only makes us love the God that brought us together even more. I truly think I am the luckiest girl on the planet because I get to spend the rest of my days serving God alongside of this handsome fella."

Right after a dragonfly landed on his shoulder and only slightly freaked him out ;)

Right after a dragonfly landed on his shoulder and only slightly freaked him out ;)

The sun was set by this time and we were losing light so we were about to wrap up our session, then I asked if they would possibly be interested in playing around in the creek. (Because water photos are my FAVORITE and it was dark so I knew they would probably turn out epic) They looked at each other to think it over and well... I'll let you decide their answer for yourself :)