Caitlin + Luke :: Snow Day

Happy Saturday, friends!!

I am about to head out to the state of Washington for an incredible workshop and I am so so excited! But before I go, I thought I would do something that I hardly ever get around to doing -- blogging! And what better way to do so by sharing two of the sweetest photographer friends who just so happen to also be married! <3 <3 <3

Caitlin and Luke are local to the Bloomington-Normal area, and their hearts are on fire not only for their clients, but also for other photographers and creating community between one another. It's something that we all like to call "community over competition".

The photography business can be dog eat dog (I hate that phrase, but it fits perfectly) to say the least. And I get it, it's natural to look on other photographers work and think how much better than you you think they are, or that you'll never be as good as them. Believe me when I say... I have been there. In fact I was there for about 4.5 years. Now, I'm not saying that I think I am better than anyone else now, it's just that I have finally found my 'niche'. I daily look up to hundreds of photographers--near and far; but I am confident in the work that I've been producing... at least for the last couple months ;) I still have days when I am utterly defeated, but I've learned to take those days and to challenge myself... refresh my drive and re-discover why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

Anddddddddd now you know that I go off on tangents. My bad. Back to my main point! 

I have followed Caitlin's work for about 2 years now. She was just dating Luke and they were just starting to work together and I remember just falling in love with her heart and her passion and her overwhelmingly joyous spirit. They LOVE what they do and it is so contagious. When I finally got to sit down with them in person and get to know them, I wasn't surprised to find that they are just the same in real life. So sweet, so caring, so JOYFUL. I don't think it's possible to be around them and not smile <3

Don't take my word for it though. Take a peek for yourself :) We met up on Tuesday after the most beautiful (out of nowhere) snowfall and although it was cold, judging from these two, I don't think you would ever know.

Caitlin and Luke, thank you for being the sweetest friends and for always encouraging community amongst photographers. You two are the BEST and I hope that you love your photos and being in front of the camera for once <3

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