DJ + Haley // Normal, IL Wedding

It's hard to even know where to begin with these two. You see, Haley is a photographer as well and I can honestly say that I have loved her work from the very beginning because I actually met Haley 3 years ago when we took a photography course together. 

It's amazing the people that you get to meet because of photography. I not only get to work with people on the happiest day of their lives, but I get to develop friendships and relationships with them. I have so much love for all of my brides & grooms it's kind of crazy.

It was really important to DJ and Haley to have not only outdoor images, but specifically bright and sunny images. We met up the Wednesday before the wedding and were finalizing details and we joked about how the weather was calling for cloudy and rainy all day, but somehow we were going to "pray the rain away". (Which is a very common thing to do if you are a photographer in general) I promised her that no matter what, rain or shine, the day would be perfect because regardless of weather, they would end the day as husband and wife. 

Fast forward to Saturday morning, it was dark, gloomy and raining. DJ's mom went out to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought umbrellas for the whole bridal party, because rain or shine we were determined to take photos outside. We looked at the radar and hourly forecast and it wasn't looking very hopeful. But, as we prepared for the first look- there was a break in the rain. Amazing! But still no sun.

Then, after the ceremony finished we all headed outside of the chapel for the bride + groom send off, and what did we see?


From then on through the rest of the night we had the most beautiful sunlight, with only a few clouds, and an incredible sunset. You should have seen the look on their faces. It was truly pure joy. 


Dj and Haley, thank you so much for not only choosing me, but trusting me to play such a huge role in your big day. It was such an honor to witness first hand the devoting of your lives to one another.

Oh and I hope that you LOVE your images <3 

A very special thank you to all of the amazing vendors that helped to bring this incredible day to life!


Dress: Cloud Nine Peoria

Suits: Churchill's Formal Wear

Flowers: Floral Designs Ltd.

Rings: Bremer Jewelry

Hair: TM Hair Salon

Makeup: Megan Hoesly

DJ: Faith Rinker

Donuts: Grove Street Bakery + Dunkin Donuts

Event Planner: Haley Wollenberg ;)