Marcus + Nathalia // Intimate Florida Wedding

This was my first wedding of 2017 and I tell you what.... it is going to be tough to top. Nathalia is my husband's cousin. When she got engaged 6 months ago, I secretly hoped she would ask me to photograph it but convinced myself that even if she didn't ask me, I would at least get to be a guest! 

When she first emailed me I was ecstatic; then the nerves kicked in because for a lot of his (Adam's) side of the family, it would be my first time meeting them and first impressions are huge. I kept thinking all day **don't blow this, Summer** but everyone was so kind and so sweet and definitely made this blonde girl feel like part of the Colombian family. <3 (and if you know anything about them you know that dancing is a significant part of their culture. Thankfully they accepted my dance moves.)

I knew Nathalia and Marcus were classy and had amazing taste; but not even I could have dreamt about how PERFECT their day & location was. Adam and I showed up early to capture some details of the venue, and I kid you not I about passed out from excitement as I walked in and looked around. And it just got better and better as you walked further through. An incredible ceremony spot just showered with palm trees, the most beautiful bridal suite for her to get dressed, and the reception space... OH MY GOSH. Just wait until you see those photos... Your jaw will drop, I'm sure, much like mine did.

Nathalia & Marcus, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to play such an honored roll in your big day. You two are flawless and I am so thankful to have spent the day experiencing your love first hand. <3