Hi, I'm Summer

My love for photography is deeply rooted in my love for human kind. I love Jesus and I love His people. It doesn’t matter where you are from, who you love, your religion or the color of your skin; I believe that you deserve to be loved and for your story to be told.

Here are a few things you should know about me:

I was born + raised in the Midwest (cornfields for life)

I love and want to rescue pretty much every animal I’ve ever met. If you have an animal present on your wedding day, I will be SO happy.

I don’t believe in perfection or pretending to have your life in order; I believe in grace and redemption and that our imperfections make our story that much more beautiful.

Tacos, pizza, wings, and caffeine are a few of my favorite things.

enneagram type 9 // INFJ


Photo + Video

This is my husband, Adam, my other/better half and we are so excited to announce that we now offer videography!

After second shooting with me for the past couple of years, he has a new found love for video. This past year, he shot video for over 15 weddings and absolutely fell in love with the art of telling people’s stories through motion. (We are however only taking on a limited number of wedding videos for 2019 so please get in contact asap if you are interested.)

Some things you should know about Adam:

On top of shooting weddings with me on the weekends, he has a full time job working as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch.

He is half Colombian + half Lebanese. Last year we got to visit the village in Lebanon that his father was born in and this year we get to visit where his mother was born in Colombia.

He is a cancer survivor — 6 years cancer free

He is an extrovert and loves spending time with people and getting to know their stories. When I first met Adam I was hypnotized by his cool confidence and his heart for humanity.

He is an espresso connoisseur. He has spent months perfecting his homemade latte and honestly it’s the best latte I’ve ever had. Come over and we’ll prove it ;)

Some things you should know about us:

We met on an indoor soccer league. I knew I was in love with him 6 weeks in.

We have been married for 3 years and we’ve had a lot of life happen in those 3 years. I can confidently say that Adam is my rock and my biggest supporter. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without his constant love.

We have the sweetest dog in the world, Nala, who we rescued from the side of a highway.

Our proposal was one of How He Asked top 10 proposals for 2015. You can read it here. (make sure you have tissues)